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Wifijkpg is a free wifi service with coverage across central Jönköping.
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How do I connect to wifijkpg?
Connecting to wifijkpg is easy
  1. Choose the network with SSID: "wifijkpg" in the WiFi settings of your device
  2. Once connected, open your web browser and refresh the page if not redirected to the wifijkpg landing page automatically
  3. Surf!
Is it safe to use wifijkpg?
wifijkpg is an open network in order to make it as simple as possible to connect to it. All devices are however fully isolated against other devices in the network.

This might still expose the potential risk that a third party could intercept the signals if a device or application you are using does not encrypt the data it is sending over the network. We advice you to use a a vpn service if you want to ensure your privacy. There are several vpn solutions but if you do not mind advertising you can download one for free at hotspotshield.com.
What about indoor coverage?
The purpose of wifijkpg is to provide good outdoor coverage. You will, however, be able to surf in some coffee shops and stores depending on the distance to the nearest access point.
What do I do if I cannot connect?
If you have connection problems do the following.
  1. Check the map to make sure you are within the wifijkpg boundaries.
  2. If you are within the boundaries, make sure you are outdoors because all places do not have indoor coverage (see What about indoor coverage? above).
  3. If you still cannot connect try to restart your WiFi interface or your device.
  4. Still cannot connect? Try another device to make sure there's nothing wrong with your device.
  5. If that device also fails contact Junet at 036-2992910 or wifi@junet.se.